Behavioral Insights.
Deeper Human Connections.

We provide Financial Professionals and firms with personalized BeFi insights and objective financial education to improve financial wellness.

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What if you could have a distinct advantage?

The ability to deeply personalize each client interaction with maximum EFFICIENCY. Atlas Point’s proprietary, innovative behavioral powered platform allows you and your organization to deliver PERSONALIZATION AT SCALE.

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Financial conversations shouldn’t be confusing, intimidating, or overwhelming.

We believe that when people can express how they think and feel about their money, they are more empowered, engaged, and open to meaningful and productive financial conversations.

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“Atlas Point is the missing link to make the shift from a transactional relationship to an advisory relationship. There is no other set of tools that does this.”

Kevin Irhke, CFP®, Investment Insights

I want my clients to know that I care. When I reach out to my clients that I’ve had for 10-25 years and tell them I want to improve my communication skills with them by understanding their financial emotions, that gesture alone means a lot to them.

Rick Risley, CFP®

Atlas Point helps to keep emotions and numbers all in the same platform and I’ve never had a tool like this before.

Donna Kendrick, Financial Professional, Sephton Financial

Behavioral Finance at Atlas Point

Atlas Point takes complex academic research and makes it easy for financial professionals to apply in their business. This creates better conversations with individuals, which lead to better relationships. These better conversations and better relationships ultimately produce better outcomes for both the individual and the financial professional.

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I’m having difficulty engaging the entire household and the next generation

It’s getting harder to differentiate

I’m exhausted from wearing too many hats (part-counselor, part-planner, etc..) while trying to provide a great client experience

Increased referrals and revenue with happier clients
More personalized conversations giving you a distinct advantage
Accelerated prospecting and ease in engaging the next generation

Client BeFi Insights, Powered by Atlas Point


of investors are willing to share more information to have a personalized experience


of Atlas Point users report having more effective client conversations

“Atlas Point helps to keep emotions and numbers all in the same platform and I’ve never had a tool like this before.”
Donna Kendrick, Financial Professional, Sephton Financial

increase in AUM from asset consolidation is the average for experienced Atlas Point users


of affluent Americans want a personalized digital financial experience

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