The Atlas Point platform generates actionable and personalized results with behavioral finance insights applied throughout the client engagement. With a proven ROI, our platform has the ability to pay for itself in one client conversation.

Everything you need to integrate behavioral finance throughout the lifecycle of your clients and business.



per month and one-time $1500 registration fee

Personalized coaching with an on-demand library tailored uniquely for you and your business.
Learning journeys centered on growth, running the business, succession, and firm transitions
Current state / future state analysis
Annual business planning accountability focus
First 2 months of weekly calls, then two 1-hour video sessions/month with BeFi Coach
Access to 35 learning modules and 200+ implementation resources
Core topics include Emotions & Money, Strategy, Marketing, Client Service, Discovery, Efficiency, and Teaming
Exclusive invites to peer events and advanced learning opportunities
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per month – or $1440 per year – for an annual subscription

Client engagement platform to deliver personalized behavioral finance insights and objective financial education.
Prospecting and client engagement surveys (Financial Virtues™, FinSight™, Pulse Checks, Uncertainty Mindset™ etc.)
Client behavioral profile including persona, bias and recommended communication
Household profile and maps
Behavioral Conversations Training (CE)
Advanced filtering and reporting
CRM Integrations
Academically researched articles tied to client behavioral insights
Client ready materials to include email starters and Seminar packs
Quarterly Spotlight calls with the Atlas Point peer community
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Behavioral finance as a service for large organizations with complex needs.
Atlas Point Edge for Enterprise
Custom learning tracks for FPs
Coaching and consulting services available
Tailored rules & recommendations
Exclusive invites to your members
Enterprise BI Dashboard Reporting
Single Sign On (SSO)
Behavioral Insights for your segmentation strategy
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It was a no brainer to sign up for Atlas Point. The Atlas Point platform has helped me get more referrals, clients, assets. They integrate behavioral finance into my conversation and they are always reworking how they can provide more value to Advisors.

Chelsea Scomak, Financial Professional

Atlas Point helps to keep emotions and numbers all in the same platform and I’ve never had a tool like this before.

Donna Kendrick, Financial Professional, Sephton Financial

I want my clients to know that I care. When I reach out to my clients that I’ve had for 10-25 years and tell them I want to improve my communication skills with them by understanding their financial emotions, that gesture alone means a lot to them.

Rick Risley, CFP®

Atlas Point allowed me to get to know younger generations of my existing clients’. After my one of my clients completed the [Financial Virtues] survey, I suggested it might be helpful for his children. He immediately agreed and asked me to reach out to them.

Christopher Cox, Advisor, Atlas Indicators Investment Advisors

I just had the best conversation with a client, and it was because of the talking points from Atlas Point.

Shanna Tingom, AAMS®, CFDA®, Heritage Financial Strategies

The value is there with Atlas Point. If it helps me save one client, then it’s worth it.

Scott McAdams, Financial Professional, Knight Financial

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